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Charlton, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 30.8333300, Longitude: -82.1333300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altman, Katie Sophrenia  6 May 1881Charlton, Georgia, USA I3259
2 Batten, Bertie  1907Charlton, Georgia, USA I23141
3 Batten, Lottie  1908Charlton, Georgia, USA I23142
4 Cason, Eddie  3 Apr 1922Charlton, Georgia, USA I35482
5 Cason, Elizabeth  1853Charlton, Georgia, USA I9186
6 Cason, Emma V  1869Charlton, Georgia, USA I9185
7 Cason, Florence  1864Charlton, Georgia, USA I9180
8 Cason, Francis Bartow  1863Charlton, Georgia, USA I9184
9 Cason, Hillery Houston  20 Aug 1860Charlton, Georgia, USA I9179
10 Cason, Houston L  1856Charlton, Georgia, USA I9187
11 Cason, Isabelle Lillian  1857Charlton, Georgia, USA I9182
12 Cason, Warren Lee  1874Charlton, Georgia, USA I9181
13 Chism, Pearlie Mae  16 Oct 1904Charlton, Georgia, USA I35667
14 Clark, Rachel  1845Charlton, Georgia, USA I31208
15 Crawford, Thomas  20 Apr 1892Charlton, Georgia, USA I35670
16 Crews, Amanda  28 May 1897Charlton, Georgia, USA I32787
17 Crews, Avy A  Abt 1858Charlton, Georgia, USA I34125
18 Crews, Champion Bullard  1 Jan 1894Charlton, Georgia, USA I29245
19 Crews, Daniel Webster  11 Dec 1891Charlton, Georgia, USA I32788
20 Crews, Elbert Barney  14 Jul 1863Charlton, Georgia, USA I35966
21 Crews, German Clarence  3 Mar 1892Charlton, Georgia, USA I31576
22 Crews, Henry Graham  Aug 1855Charlton, Georgia, USA I29253
23 Crews, Henry Lawton  8 Sep 1879Charlton, Georgia, USA I32789
24 Crews, Honor Civility  Sep 1864Charlton, Georgia, USA I34142
25 Crews, Jackson H  18 Aug 1862Charlton, Georgia, USA I34128
26 Crews, Nancy Missouri  22 Dec 1921Charlton, Georgia, USA I25832
27 Green, Amanda  1876Charlton, Georgia, USA I35806
28 Green, Arizona  22 Nov 1878Charlton, Georgia, USA I35807
29 Green, Keziah  1874Charlton, Georgia, USA I35805
30 Green, Owen  9 Jan 1852Charlton, Georgia, USA I1721
31 Green, Sarah S.  1872Charlton, Georgia, USA I35804
32 Green, William  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I35803
33 Grooms, Hazel  1919Charlton, Georgia, USA I25049
34 Grooms, Ralph W Sr  17 Sep 1895Charlton, Georgia, USA I25048
35 Grooms, Ralph W Jr  1920Charlton, Georgia, USA I25050
36 Harris, Catherine  1854Charlton, Georgia, USA I5460
37 Harris, Eliza  1856Charlton, Georgia, USA I5461
38 Harris, James  1857Charlton, Georgia, USA I5462
39 Harris, Noah Thomas  12 Sep 1878Charlton, Georgia, USA I10240
40 Harris, Thomas  1860Charlton, Georgia, USA I5463
41 Hodges, Alice  1915Charlton, Georgia, USA I22821
42 Hodges, Andrew Jackson  19 Apr 1858Charlton, Georgia, USA I2362
43 Hodges, Arther  Nov 1886Charlton, Georgia, USA I37521
44 Hodges, Clementine  Nov 1884Charlton, Georgia, USA I37520
45 Hodges, Daniel Robert  3 Aug 1861Charlton, Georgia, USA I2363
46 Hodges, Elishu Elihu  8 Nov 1849Charlton, Georgia, USA I2358
47 Hodges, Emma  Oct 1888Charlton, Georgia, USA I37522
48 Hodges, Fronte  1918Charlton, Georgia, USA I22822
49 Hodges, George Washington  29 Nov 1845Charlton, Georgia, USA I2356
50 Hodges, Henry Jesse  8 May 1858Charlton, Georgia, USA I35992

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altman, Wilbur  6 Mar 1977Charlton, Georgia, USA I10685
2 Brown, Wealthy Ann  10 Apr 1902Charlton, Georgia, USA I3092
3 Cason, Berry B  4 Aug 1947Charlton, Georgia, USA I35483
4 Cason, Willoughby  4 Mar 1856Charlton, Georgia, USA I3740
5 Crews, Hampton Micajah Sr  22 May 1932Charlton, Georgia, USA I25038
6 Crews, Henry Lawton  29 Oct 1928Charlton, Georgia, USA I32789
7 Dixon, John  Charlton, Georgia, USA I3311
8 Durrence, Mary M  1905Charlton, Georgia, USA I4726
9 Franklin, Mary Jane  Charlton, Georgia, USA I3312
10 Green, Zoe Evelyn  20 Feb 1970Charlton, Georgia, USA I25616
11 Grooms, Ralph W Sr  4 May 1956Charlton, Georgia, USA I25048
12 Harris, Jimpsey  10 Dec 1888Charlton, Georgia, USA I1791
13 Heath, Basheba  3 Nov 1931Charlton, Georgia, USA I1740
14 Hodges, Annie  10 Apr 1880Charlton, Georgia, USA I2355
15 Hodges, Emily  3 Apr 1928Charlton, Georgia, USA I2365
16 Hodges, Infant  1921Charlton, Georgia, USA I35787
17 Hodges, Infant  1924Charlton, Georgia, USA I35788
18 Hodges, Infant  1 Aug 1925Charlton, Georgia, USA I35789
19 Hodges, Joel Lee  28 Aug 1959Charlton, Georgia, USA I1727
20 Hodges, John Charlton  Mar 1900Charlton, Georgia, USA I2359
21 Hodges, Mary Elizabeth  1929Charlton, Georgia, USA I2367
22 Hodges, Ruby  1917Charlton, Georgia, USA I35786
23 Howard, Lucetta  3 Jul 1942Charlton, Georgia, USA I34762
24 Jacobs, Gertrude  14 Feb 1920Charlton, Georgia, USA I25042
25 Jacobs, Robert F  4 Oct 1918Charlton, Georgia, USA I25041
26 Johns, Mahalia  1880Charlton, Georgia, USA I2353
27 Jones, Laura Rose  17 Sep 2000Charlton, Georgia, USA I30877
28 Kirkland, David  3 Mar 1987Charlton, Georgia, USA I28769
29 Lnu, Mary A  26 Feb 1907Charlton, Georgia, USA I3098
30 Lowther, King Solomon  10 Oct 1896Charlton, Georgia, USA I3099
31 Lowther, Sarah J  6 Jan 1940Charlton, Georgia, USA I35856
32 Lowther, Thomas H  28 Jan 1963Charlton, Georgia, USA I3097
33 Lynn, Vera Elizabeth  12 Jan 1978Charlton, Georgia, USA I24635
34 Murhee, Susan  Abt 1888Charlton, Georgia, USA I2195
35 Murray, Julia Ann  16 Mar 1905Charlton, Georgia, USA I15641
36 Prescott, Lester Walker Sr  3 Feb 1962Charlton, Georgia, USA I7567
37 Prescott, Owen Melvin  5 Feb 1940Charlton, Georgia, USA I7497
38 Raulerson, Isabella  10 Dec 1891Charlton, Georgia, USA I9177
39 Raulerson, Margaret  8 Jan 1921Charlton, Georgia, USA I35734
40 Robinson, Avey  21 Dec 1903Charlton, Georgia, USA I10579
41 Robinson, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1930Charlton, Georgia, USA I2219
42 Robinson, James Jr.  1874Charlton, Georgia, USA I1747
43 Robinson, James Brantley  14 Jun 1946Charlton, Georgia, USA I3095
44 Robinson, James Edward  5 Aug 1937Charlton, Georgia, USA I10578
45 Robinson, Lucinda Mary  28 Mar 1933Charlton, Georgia, USA I10577
46 Robinson, Mary Etta  14 Jun 1931Charlton, Georgia, USA I11945
47 Robinson, Noah Everett  21 Jan 1968Charlton, Georgia, USA I11938
48 Robinson, Robert Thomas  Abt 1915Charlton, Georgia, USA I1743
49 Robinson, Sara Iola  8 Dec 1958Charlton, Georgia, USA I1693
50 Roddenberry, Clara K  13 Mar 1912Charlton, Georgia, USA I11933

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Robinson, Noah Everett  Charlton, Georgia, USA I11938


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Charlotte  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I10594
2 Altman, Katie Sophrenia  1974Charlton, Georgia, USA I3259
3 Barber, Sarah Jane  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8275
4 Brown, Wealthy Ann  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I3092
5 Butler, Laura Louvence  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I10733
6 Cason, Berry W  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8897
7 Cason, Elizabeth  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9186
8 Cason, Emma V  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9185
9 Cason, Florence  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9180
10 Cason, Francis Bartow  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9184
11 Cason, Hillery Houston  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9179
12 Cason, Hillery Houston  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I3744
13 Cason, Houston L  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9187
14 Cason, Isaac Conner  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I3749
15 Cason, Isabelle Lillian  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9182
16 Cason, Laura L  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8899
17 Cason, Lizzie J  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8900
18 Cason, Mary J  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8898
19 Cason, Thomas R  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8391
20 Cason, Wade Hampton Sr  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9188
21 Cason, Wherry Washington  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9178
22 Conner, Daniel Webster  Charlton, Georgia, USA I1741
23 Conner, Francis George  1998Charlton, Georgia, USA I1738
24 Crews, Archibald Graham  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I31586
25 Crews, Hardy H  1953Charlton, Georgia, USA I37822
26 Davis, Zara Jefferson  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I4815
27 Green, Zoe Evelyn  Charlton, Georgia, USA I25616
28 Harris, Jimpsey  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I1791
29 Harris, Joseph Ebenezer  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I5459
30 Harris, Owen  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I5458
31 Henderson, Tobitha  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I8466
32 Hodges, Joel Lee  1959Charlton, Georgia, USA I1727
33 Hodges, Marshall Marion  Charlton, Georgia, USA I1734
34 Hodges, Willie Lee  1991Charlton, Georgia, USA I1730
35 Johnson, Ben Scott  Charlton, Georgia, USA I7948
36 Kirkland, David  1987Charlton, Georgia, USA I28769
37 Lee, John Riley  Charlton, Georgia, USA I8156
38 Lnu, Blanche  Charlton, Georgia, USA I2972
39 Lowther, King Solomon  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I3099
40 Lowther, Owen K  Charlton, Georgia, USA I10724
41 Lowther, Sarah J  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I35856
42 Lowther, Thomas H  Charlton, Georgia, USA I3097
43 Lynn, Vera Elizabeth  Charlton, Georgia, USA I24635
44 Milton, Moses W  1862Charlton, Georgia, USA I28845
45 Murhee, Susan  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I2195
46 O'Steen, Easter  1 Sep 1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I1748
47 Prescott, Frank Jones  1984Charlton, Georgia, USA I7535
48 Raulerson, Isabella  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I9177
49 Robinson, Anna Matilda  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I10586
50 Robinson, Avey  1870Charlton, Georgia, USA I10579

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batten / Lnu  1906Charlton, Georgia, USA F7755
2 Crews / Hodges  2 Feb 1879Charlton, Georgia, USA F9980
3 Crews / Hodges  16 Feb 1913Charlton, Georgia, USA F13709
4 Crews / Lowther  9 Nov 1919Charlton, Georgia, USA F12917
5 Hodges / Heath  Abt 1883Charlton, Georgia, USA F801
6 Hodges / Thomas  5 Jan 1884Charlton, Georgia, USA F13715
7 Prescott / Wildes  Charlton, Georgia, USA F2874
8 Price / Robinson  1899Charlton, Georgia, USA F12847
9 Robinson / Altman  8 Jul 1874Charlton, Georgia, USA F3881
10 Robinson / Altman  11 Jul 1877Charlton, Georgia, USA F3882
11 Robinson / Corneil  28 Sep 1891Charlton, Georgia, USA F1031
12 Robinson / Osteen  1912Charlton, Georgia, USA F3909
13 Robinson / Osteen  1913Charlton, Georgia, USA F3910
14 Robinson / Roddenberry  7 Jan 1911Charlton, Georgia, USA F4221
15 Robinson / Sellers  Aft 22 Jun 1880Charlton, Georgia, USA F2798
16 Rowe / Hodges  19 Jul 1914Charlton, Georgia, USA F12891
17 Sellers / Dixon  31 May 1884Charlton, Georgia, USA F496
18 Thomas / Music  23 Aug 1885Charlton, Georgia, USA F1854
19 Thompson / Stokes  1 Apr 1923Charlton, Georgia, USA F12856
20 Threlkeld / Wildes  20 Feb 1921Charlton, Georgia, USA F3057
21 Wildes / Altman  3 Oct 1900Charlton, Georgia, USA F1022
22 Wildes / Clark  16 Jan 1906Charlton, Georgia, USA F1027
23 Wildes / Johns  5 Sep 1908Charlton, Georgia, USA F3136
24 Wildes / Robinson  1876Charlton, Georgia, USA F1020
25 Wildes / Wainwright  6 Oct 1897Charlton, Georgia, USA F1021