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Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England


Latitude: 51.6990642, Longitude: -0.6107438


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bould, Richard  Abt 1462Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2620
2 Chase, Abigail  2 Jan 1585Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2632
3 Chase, Agnes  9 Jan 1549Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2615
4 Chase, Benjamin  14 Aug 1580Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2610
5 Chase, Bridget  1534Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2596
6 Chase, Dorcas  2 Mar 1576Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2606
7 Chase, Elizabeth  1548Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2602
8 Chase, Ezekiel  23 Apr 1576Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2629
9 Chase, Francis  Abt 1514Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2616
10 Chase, Henry  10 Aug 1567Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2627
11 Chase, Jason  13 Jan 1581Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2624
12 Chase, John  1455Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2597
13 Chase, John  Abt 1516Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2593
14 Chase, John  30 Nov 1540Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2625
15 Chase, Lydia  4 Oct 1573Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2604
16 Chase, Mathew  Abt 1518Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2619
17 Chase, Mordecai  31 Jul 1591Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2611
18 Chase, Ralph  Abt 1522Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2614
19 Chase, Richard  1512Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2594
20 Chase, Richard  1520Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2608
21 Chase, Robert  16 Sep 1565Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2598
22 Chase, Thomas  Abt 1440Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2592
23 Chase, Thomas  18 Jul 1585Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2601
24 Chase, William  Abt 1524Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2630
25 Harding, Alice  1462Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2617
26 Jelliman, John  1556Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2636
27 Lnu, Fnu  Abt 1467Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2638


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowchien, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1569Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2600
2 Chase, Elizabeth  25 Jun 1579Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2602
3 Chase, John  1499Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2597
4 Chase, Mathew  Between 1536 and 1578Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2631
5 Chase, Thomas  Between 1429 and 1523Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2592
6 Harding, Alice  17 Jun 1534Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I2617
7 Harding, Richard  1495Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England I35643


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bould / Lnu  1481Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England F1158
2 Chase / Bould  1518Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England F1156
3 Chase / Harding  Abt 1481Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England F1153