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North Carolina, USA


Latitude: 35.5005600, Longitude: -80.0005600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, William Clyde  7 May 1870North Carolina, USA I26854
2 Andrews, Barbary  1823North Carolina, USA I10472
3 Andrews, Mary Ann  8 Jul 1833North Carolina, USA I3016
4 Ashe, Lonnie William  20 Aug 1886North Carolina, USA I19314
5 Autry, Euphemia Brooks  18 Oct 1884North Carolina, USA I34501
6 Barber, Peggy Ann  26 Oct 1939North Carolina, USA I30014
7 Barbour, Cassandra  1760North Carolina, USA I28814
8 Barlow, Frances  1798North Carolina, USA I37633
9 Barnhill, Alphonie  1 Dec 1891North Carolina, USA I28601
10 Barnhill, Bertha I  10 Aug 1893North Carolina, USA I28602
11 Barnhill, Elizabeth May  10 Jul 1899North Carolina, USA I28605
12 Barnhill, Emma B  28 Mar 1897North Carolina, USA I28604
13 Barnhill, Jerald Robert  9 Mar 1904North Carolina, USA I32635
14 Barnhill, Moody Mitchell  13 Sep 1901North Carolina, USA I28616
15 Beard, Clarence Benton Jr  13 Jun 1918North Carolina, USA I10052
16 Beasley, Annie L  1908North Carolina, USA I22699
17 Beasley, Daniel Tom  14 Apr 1886North Carolina, USA I22691
18 Beasley, James  Abt 1729North Carolina, USA I11144
19 Beasley, William  1767North Carolina, USA I4032
20 Bennett, Cordie  21 Sep 1891North Carolina, USA I28782
21 Benton, Sarah Elizabeth  1786North Carolina, USA I27114
22 Black, Ana J  Abt 1901North Carolina, USA I34193
23 Black, Ann  1938North Carolina, USA I34204
24 Black, Harry A  Dec 1892North Carolina, USA I34199
25 Black, Hugh A  Abt 1911North Carolina, USA I34188
26 Black, Jency  1775North Carolina, USA I9033
27 Black, John H  Feb 1889North Carolina, USA I34198
28 Black, John W  Abt 1904North Carolina, USA I34186
29 Blake, Agnes  1 Feb 1908North Carolina, USA I25944
30 Blalock, David Mathilda  1810North Carolina, USA I3129
31 Blue, Nancy Jane  6 Aug 1835North Carolina, USA I14164
32 Boney, Chrissie Wright  30 Nov 1886North Carolina, USA I25644
33 Boon, John  1795North Carolina, USA I19582
34 Boon, Margaret  1841North Carolina, USA I34902
35 Boon, Nicholas  1842North Carolina, USA I34901
36 Bost, Allen Monroe  1898North Carolina, USA I16533
37 Bost, Ida Louise  1 Jul 1903North Carolina, USA I21176
38 Bost, Stonewall Jackson  1865North Carolina, USA I21174
39 Bostick, Mary J  16 Oct 1837North Carolina, USA I8700
40 Boyle, Mary Alice  13 Nov 1909North Carolina, USA I16393
41 Bradshaw, John Odell  27 Nov 1926North Carolina, USA I34959
42 Branch, Elias  1788North Carolina, USA I14060
43 Branch, Tabitha Elizabeth  Abt 1744North Carolina, USA I12568
44 Britt, Mamie  1887North Carolina, USA I41242
45 Brown, Beulah Mae  23 Jan 1904North Carolina, USA I16418
46 Bryant, Annie  12 Jul 1903North Carolina, USA I22853
47 Bryson, Bascomb Carl  1918North Carolina, USA I23384
48 Bryson, Eddie  1918North Carolina, USA I35050
49 Bryson, Lillian Gertrude  1915North Carolina, USA I23383
50 Bryson, Mary Jane  1914North Carolina, USA I23382

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Autry, Maxton  5 Feb 2018North Carolina, USA I30711
2 Barber, Grace Eugenia  5 Sep 1999North Carolina, USA I12212
3 Boyle, Mary Alice  30 May 1982North Carolina, USA I16393
4 Boyle, Nancy Jane  14 Mar 1985North Carolina, USA I16387
5 Britt, Mamie  23 Dec 1918North Carolina, USA I41242
6 Bullard, Henry  9 Mar 1874North Carolina, USA I8578
7 Butler, Martha M  1901North Carolina, USA I31912
8 Caison, Clowden W  28 Aug 1909North Carolina, USA I10477
9 Caison, Hillery Robert  30 Apr 1911North Carolina, USA I3107
10 Caison, Mary Blanche  1 Aug 1913North Carolina, USA I10461
11 Caison, Mary Elizabeth  1955North Carolina, USA I25297
12 Caison, Mary Jane  22 Aug 1915North Carolina, USA I24426
13 Caison, Octavia Matilda  28 Jul 1950North Carolina, USA I5341
14 Cameron, Mary Lela  1 Apr 1966North Carolina, USA I16425
15 Campbell, Christian  1878North Carolina, USA I12512
16 Campbell, Norman  1820North Carolina, USA I19334
17 Clemmons, Winnie Z  15 Dec 1955North Carolina, USA I11567
18 Curtis, Julia Ann  Bef 1910North Carolina, USA I2350
19 Davis, William I  26 May 1936North Carolina, USA I14555
20 Ezzell, Chester Thomas  12 Jun 1946North Carolina, USA I25901
21 Fowler, Anna Elizabeth  20 Apr 1874North Carolina, USA I8571
22 Fowler, John S  27 Dec 1862North Carolina, USA I8568
23 Fowler, William Giles  1910North Carolina, USA I8565
24 Hunter, Stephen  1796North Carolina, USA I3395
25 Lewis, Thalia Daphne  21 Apr 2013North Carolina, USA I32848
26 Lnu, Ann  Aug 1849North Carolina, USA I13855
27 Lnu, Catherine  16 May 1869North Carolina, USA I24161
28 Lnu, Susan  26 Nov 1881North Carolina, USA I3145
29 McEachern, Margaret  27 Nov 1873North Carolina, USA I23585
30 McInnish, Daniel  1812North Carolina, USA I36178
31 McPhatter, Cora M  3 Oct 1952North Carolina, USA I29844
32 McRae, John Oliver  31 Mar 1909North Carolina, USA I16467
33 McRae, Mary Ann  27 Nov 1940North Carolina, USA I14721
34 McRae, Sanburn Wilkes  24 Oct 1943North Carolina, USA I16470
35 Miller, Lee Andrew  15 Feb 1897North Carolina, USA I1473
36 Morrison, John  16 Jun 1860North Carolina, USA I24160
37 Morrison, Neill  1860North Carolina, USA I40935
38 Newton, James Cornelius  10 Jan 1948North Carolina, USA I28597
39 Parker, Zilphia Ann  7 Mar 1906North Carolina, USA I32172
40 Pearson, Elizabeth Delila  Bef 17 Jun 1900North Carolina, USA I1527
41 Rackley, Mary Carolina  24 Jun 1913North Carolina, USA I5315
42 Stephens, Metherial  Aug 1926North Carolina, USA I28214
43 Thorogood, Mary  1792North Carolina, USA I12567
44 Tyler, Owen  1820North Carolina, USA I5281
45 Varnam, John  4 Nov 1949North Carolina, USA I10496
46 Watkins, William  North Carolina, USA I8450
47 Watson, Margaret Jane  11 Apr 1945North Carolina, USA I12503
48 West, Missouri  27 Sep 1957North Carolina, USA I28288
49 Wilkes, Clyde B  23 Jun 1913North Carolina, USA I14710
50 Wilkes, Daniel Malloy  30 Jan 1935North Carolina, USA I12511

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Morrison, Norman  1812North Carolina, USA I14749


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butler, Benjamin Franklin  18 Jul 1881North Carolina, USA I32865
2 Butler, John Martin  15 Feb 1901North Carolina, USA I30911
3 Butler, Robert Asa Jr  1739North Carolina, USA I8944
4 Caison, Luther Rice  1852North Carolina, USA I3143
5 Caison, William Benjamin  1832North Carolina, USA I5314
6 Clarke, Margaret  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA I32961
7 Cole, Eliza  1838North Carolina, USA I5348
8 Crider, Martha  1770North Carolina, USA I13692
9 Davis, Sarah Janette  Aug 1884North Carolina, USA I36319
10 Davis, Thomas H  Jul 1842North Carolina, USA I14554
11 Ellis, Addie Blanche  North Carolina, USA I32864
12 Lane, Abraham Sheppard  1750North Carolina, USA I5134
13 Nobles, Navada  Abt 1892North Carolina, USA I32866
14 Powell, Abraham  1810North Carolina, USA I3114
15 Smith, Francenia  Abt 1854North Carolina, USA I34535
16 Wilkerson, Hannah Jane  1890North Carolina, USA I34184
17 Wilkerson, Hannah Jane  1902North Carolina, USA I34184
18 Wilkes, Richard Franklin Jr  Sep 1956North Carolina, USA I16982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Black, Fred Douglas Jr  North Carolina, USA I34205
2 Black, Marcus Charles  North Carolina, USA I34218
3 Blackburn, Jerry Ray  North Carolina, USA I22672
4 Bryson, Emma Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I23395
5 Caison, Wilbur Hoover  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I33415
6 Hall, Louisiana  1953North Carolina, USA I37430
7 Layton, James Martin Jr  North Carolina, USA I36853
8 Matthis, Roland Elliott  1959North Carolina, USA I36959
9 Perkins, Nettie Elizabeth  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I36321
10 Wilkes, George Byron Jr  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I37402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Weeks, Theophilus Sr.  Abt 1787North Carolina, USA I1766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Boon, Sampson  19 Jul 1813North Carolina, USA I34794
2 Caison, Jacob Price  North Carolina, USA I3102
3 Weeks, Theophilus  Between May 1776 and Nov 1778North Carolina, USA I1795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Caison, Hillery Robert  14 Jan 1864North Carolina, USA I3107
2 Caison, William Benjamin  16 May 1862North Carolina, USA I5314
3 Parker, Robert A  10 Jun 1861North Carolina, USA I3161
4 Wilkes, Angus John  8 Mar 1862North Carolina, USA I14450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Butler, Charles Sr  North Carolina, USA I8580
2 Carouth, Margaret  1808North Carolina, USA I28932
3 Chesnutt, Amma Bass  North Carolina, USA I29668
4 Gibson, Annie Jeannette  1951North Carolina, USA I16515
5 Green, Dorothy Marie  1961North Carolina, USA I38743
6 Hewett, Malissie  1982North Carolina, USA I32726
7 Kelly, Henrietta  1951North Carolina, USA I38081
8 Lorith, Alan Robert  2012North Carolina, USA I34868
9 Parker, John  1833North Carolina, USA I8687
10 Pate, Janet Cameron  1964North Carolina, USA I38537
11 Watkins, William  North Carolina, USA I8450
12 Weeks, Benjamin  North Carolina, USA I1797
13 Wilkes, Douglas Port  1959North Carolina, USA I14716
14 Williams, Asa Zebulon Jr  North Carolina, USA I14604
15 Williams, Robert  1808North Carolina, USA I28931

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Agent, Michael Delano  1957North Carolina, USA I1400
2 Ashe, Hallie Jane  North Carolina, USA I19320
3 Ashe, Paul Lee  North Carolina, USA I19315
4 Barber, Alvin Floyd  1959North Carolina, USA I30229
5 Barber, John Harold  North Carolina, USA I16448
6 Barber, Louise  1980North Carolina, USA I16447
7 Barber, Robert Layton Sr  1953North Carolina, USA I24667
8 Barber, William Claude  1953North Carolina, USA I30013
9 Barber, William Tillman  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I16445
10 Barnhill, Alphonie  1955North Carolina, USA I28601
11 Birch, Dove L  North Carolina, USA I23413
12 Boone, Conrad Absalom  North Carolina, USA I21200
13 Boone, Livingston Caison  North Carolina, USA I19583
14 Boone, William Martin  North Carolina, USA I247
15 Bost, Allen Monroe Jr  North Carolina, USA I16534
16 Boyle, Charles Abraham  North Carolina, USA I16391
17 Boyle, Daniel Ernest  North Carolina, USA I16410
18 Boyle, Henry Edward Sr  North Carolina, USA I16409
19 Boyle, John Archie  North Carolina, USA I16389
20 Boyle, John Robert  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I16413
21 Boyle, John Robert II  1979North Carolina, USA I28340
22 Boyle, Judy Lynn  North Carolina, USA I16428
23 Boyle, William Patrick  North Carolina, USA I16392
24 Brookbank, Wilbur Francis  North Carolina, USA I10715
25 Brown, Beulah Mae  North Carolina, USA I16418
26 Brown, Iris Mozelle  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I29327
27 Brown, Martha Elizabeth  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I14187
28 Bryson, Walter Allen  North Carolina, USA I23380
29 Bryson, Winnie Geneva  1963North Carolina, USA I23393
30 Caison, Alberta  1957North Carolina, USA I4772
31 Caison, Alice Ozel  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I29162
32 Caison, Annie Elma  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I25934
33 Caison, Annie Ruth  North Carolina, USA I5259
34 Caison, Archie Lee  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I25935
35 Caison, Bobby Gene  North Carolina, USA I24419
36 Caison, Carl Edward  North Carolina, USA I8350
37 Caison, Charles Crawford  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I28720
38 Caison, Cicero Hillery  North Carolina, USA I5239
39 Caison, Daniel Eugene Jr  North Carolina, USA I5257
40 Caison, Earl Fitzhugh  North Carolina, USA I3351
41 Caison, Eddie Adinoah  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I8349
42 Caison, Edgar Lee Jr  North Carolina, USA I25612
43 Caison, Edgar Lee Sr  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I25276
44 Caison, Eleanor Mae  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I8351
45 Caison, Eli Larry  North Carolina, USA I24001
46 Caison, Estelle  North Carolina, USA I24423
47 Caison, Ethel Beatrice  1966North Carolina, USA I25283
48 Caison, Frederick Anderson Jr  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I5238
49 Caison, Goley Ruffin  North Carolina, USA I25275
50 Caison, Helen Marie  North Carolina, USA I38926

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Dick, Lawrence Alexander  North Carolina, USA I14722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Weeks, Archelus  Jun 1788North Carolina, USA I1802


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Wright  17 Nov 1931North Carolina, USA F11489
2 Caison / Caison  1845North Carolina, USA F8102
3 Cason / Roberts  4 Jan 1770North Carolina, USA F2346
4 Cason / Whitehurst  Between 1747 and 1748North Carolina, USA F2635
5 Castellaw / Hand  Abt Jul 1752North Carolina, USA F2033
6 Courtney / Thrash  31 Mar 1872North Carolina, USA F1093
7 Dutton / Wilkes  26 Oct 1940North Carolina, USA F5913
8 Goffigon / Weeks  North Carolina, USA F1012
9 McClendon / Richardson  1748North Carolina, USA F4890
10 Milton /   1730North Carolina, USA F954
11 Parker / Hattaway  1816North Carolina, USA F13768
12 Parker / Odom  North Carolina, USA F12353
13 Weeks / Hunter  Abt 1757North Carolina, USA F817
14 Willis / Wilkes  2 Mar 1893North Carolina, USA F6739