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Pierce, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 31.3500000, Longitude: -82.2166700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Pearl Samantha  8 May 1894Pierce, Georgia, USA I29631
2 Andrews, Aaron Dennis  13 Jan 1862Pierce, Georgia, USA I22973
3 Bowen, Robert Lee  16 Feb 1927Pierce, Georgia, USA I7291
4 Boyette, James Robert  17 Sep 1939Pierce, Georgia, USA I29808
5 Boyette, Vergie Elizabeth  24 Aug 1911Pierce, Georgia, USA I29800
6 Cason, Addie Lizer  4 Jul 1875Pierce, Georgia, USA I29655
7 Cason, Carolyn Virginia  29 Jun 1933Pierce, Georgia, USA I29799
8 Cason, Cecil David  25 Jan 1936Pierce, Georgia, USA I23846
9 Cason, Daniel Marion  14 Dec 1893Pierce, Georgia, USA I7150
10 Cason, Daniel Monroe  17 Dec 1918Pierce, Georgia, USA I23840
11 Cason, David  1843Pierce, Georgia, USA I12045
12 Cason, David Victor  18 Apr 1879Pierce, Georgia, USA I9220
13 Cason, Doris  6 Dec 1923Pierce, Georgia, USA I9934
14 Cason, Earlish Ward  7 Oct 1914Pierce, Georgia, USA I23839
15 Cason, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1901Pierce, Georgia, USA I3729
16 Cason, Elmer D  1904Pierce, Georgia, USA I9233
17 Cason, Ethel May  19 May 1909Pierce, Georgia, USA I29801
18 Cason, Georgia Ann  2 Jun 1910Pierce, Georgia, USA I29805
19 Cason, Hillery Matthew  26 Mar 1890Pierce, Georgia, USA I9221
20 Cason, James Allen  8 Jan 1915Pierce, Georgia, USA I29807
21 Cason, James Brantley  1912Pierce, Georgia, USA I9229
22 Cason, Janie  1883Pierce, Georgia, USA I9224
23 Cason, Jesse  1 Dec 1861Pierce, Georgia, USA I12042
24 Cason, John Randle  10 Aug 1920Pierce, Georgia, USA I29797
25 Cason, John Wesley  16 Apr 1896Pierce, Georgia, USA I9218
26 Cason, Kizzie  26 Dec 1891Pierce, Georgia, USA I7149
27 Cason, Lewis Frederick  1842Pierce, Georgia, USA I12050
28 Cason, Lilian  1906Pierce, Georgia, USA I9235
29 Cason, Lillian  3 Jun 1902Pierce, Georgia, USA I9222
30 Cason, Lonnie James  19 Jun 1885Pierce, Georgia, USA I9219
31 Cason, Lydia Ann  1858Pierce, Georgia, USA I12048
32 Cason, Martha  1855Pierce, Georgia, USA I12047
33 Cason, Mary  1853Pierce, Georgia, USA I12046
34 Cason, Mary Ann  28 Dec 1916Pierce, Georgia, USA I29795
35 Cason, Onie  1914Pierce, Georgia, USA I9230
36 Cason, Pinkey  27 Mar 1887Pierce, Georgia, USA I9223
37 Cason, Prussa Ann  30 Mar 1856Pierce, Georgia, USA I12044
38 Cason, Quitman Lemuel  28 Jun 1898Pierce, Georgia, USA I9217
39 Cason, Quitman Marlyn  17 Jan 1931Pierce, Georgia, USA I23849
40 Cason, Raymond Monroe  6 Oct 1926Pierce, Georgia, USA I9935
41 Cason, Rilza  1916Pierce, Georgia, USA I9231
42 Cason, Samuel Reppard  22 Oct 1913Pierce, Georgia, USA I29806
43 Cason, Sarah  19 Jul 1862Pierce, Georgia, USA I12043
44 Cason, Shadrack  21 Apr 1850Pierce, Georgia, USA I12041
45 Cason, Simon Shadrick  29 Sep 1911Pierce, Georgia, USA I29794
46 Cason, Warren Estes  17 Apr 1921Pierce, Georgia, USA I23841
47 Cason, Wilda Ann  22 Mar 1941Pierce, Georgia, USA I23844
48 Cason, Winnie  1845Pierce, Georgia, USA I12049
49 Dennison, Geneva  20 Oct 1932Pierce, Georgia, USA I29814
50 Dowling, Agnes  1869Pierce, Georgia, USA I10618

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Elvie Ann  26 Jan 1925Pierce, Georgia, USA I9226
2 Bennett, Harriett  31 Dec 1931Pierce, Georgia, USA I30679
3 Boyette, Nolen Conover  13 Dec 1977Pierce, Georgia, USA I29804
4 Boyette, Vergie Elizabeth  25 Jan 2003Pierce, Georgia, USA I29800
5 Cason, Carolyn Virginia  18 Apr 1934Pierce, Georgia, USA I29799
6 Cason, Daniel Marion  6 Jul 1941Pierce, Georgia, USA I7150
7 Cason, David Jackson  17 Feb 1926Pierce, Georgia, USA I9126
8 Cason, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1901Pierce, Georgia, USA I3729
9 Cason, Frederick T  22 Aug 1921Pierce, Georgia, USA I9134
10 Cason, Henry M  16 Mar 1932Pierce, Georgia, USA I9128
11 Cason, Hillery Matthew  3 Jul 1924Pierce, Georgia, USA I9221
12 Cason, Hillery W  24 Feb 1906Pierce, Georgia, USA I8503
13 Cason, Jesse  16 Jun 1931Pierce, Georgia, USA I12042
14 Cason, Lillian  29 Sep 1903Pierce, Georgia, USA I9222
15 Cason, Mary Ann  28 Dec 1916Pierce, Georgia, USA I29795
16 Cason, Nancy E  1852Pierce, Georgia, USA I12011
17 Cason, Obediah  7 Apr 1935Pierce, Georgia, USA I29792
18 Cason, Shadrack  28 Jul 1922Pierce, Georgia, USA I12041
19 Corneil, Sarah  8 Sep 1952Pierce, Georgia, USA I10704
20 Crews, Allen M  1951Pierce, Georgia, USA I35882
21 Crews, Nancy  23 Oct 1890Pierce, Georgia, USA I5470
22 Davis, Robert E Lee  15 Jan 1935Pierce, Georgia, USA I4816
23 Dowling, Amarintha "Emma"  6 Feb 1965Pierce, Georgia, USA I10614
24 Dowling, Darling Wesley  1 Jan 1922Pierce, Georgia, USA I10598
25 Dowling, Lillie Virginia  Bef 6 Jan 1920Pierce, Georgia, USA I10617
26 Dowling, Nancy  6 Mar 1910Pierce, Georgia, USA I10610
27 Griner, Allen Avant  8 Apr 1942Pierce, Georgia, USA I26776
28 Henderson, Berrien  12 May 1881Pierce, Georgia, USA I9190
29 Kirkland, John  25 Nov 1963Pierce, Georgia, USA I32621
30 Milton, James Marion  4 Jul 1894Pierce, Georgia, USA I29715
31 Milton, Jeptha LaFayette  23 Dec 1940Pierce, Georgia, USA I29727
32 Milton, Lillie May  23 Apr 1934Pierce, Georgia, USA I1534
33 Milton, Walter Archibald  22 Apr 1902Pierce, Georgia, USA I29742
34 Newbern, Julia Ann  Mar 1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I9189
35 Peacock, Eliza  1 Apr 1896Pierce, Georgia, USA I29652
36 Powell, Amanda  18 Aug 1899Pierce, Georgia, USA I29716
37 Riggins, James T  6 Jan 1961Pierce, Georgia, USA I10682
38 Robinson, Curtis  29 Jul 1941Pierce, Georgia, USA I2220
39 Robinson, Emaliza  22 Dec 1896Pierce, Georgia, USA I1774
40 Robinson, Joseph  15 May 1956Pierce, Georgia, USA I10705
41 Robinson, Sarah Jane  10 Aug 1961Pierce, Georgia, USA I3088
42 Strickland, Brett Carlton  31 May 1997Pierce, Georgia, USA I7240
43 Thrift, Carr William II  27 Mar 1957Pierce, Georgia, USA I10621
44 Waldron, Georgia Ann  10 Sep 1899Pierce, Georgia, USA I5338
45 Westberry, Mary Elizabeth  1 May 1937Pierce, Georgia, USA I12054
46 Wildes, Henry Preston  3 Jan 1940Pierce, Georgia, USA I2210
47 Wildes, Wilma Marquerette  25 Nov 1993Pierce, Georgia, USA I7265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Cason, Hillery Matthew  Pierce, Georgia, USA I9221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Charlie H Jr  Pierce, Georgia, USA I10688
2 Ammons, James Bryant  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I1792
3 Barber, Obediah  1860Pierce, Georgia, USA I10154
4 Barber, Obediah  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10154
5 Cason, David Victor  24 Aug 1950Pierce, Georgia, USA I9220
6 Cason, Delmas L  1984Pierce, Georgia, USA I28277
7 Cason, Hillery Matthew  5 Jun 1917Pierce, Georgia, USA I9221
8 Cason, Ira Shadrack  1962Pierce, Georgia, USA I30246
9 Cason, John Manuel  1970Pierce, Georgia, USA I12058
10 Cason, Quitman Lemuel  1957Pierce, Georgia, USA I9217
11 Cason, Shadrack  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I12041
12 Cason, Warren Estes  1967Pierce, Georgia, USA I23841
13 Corneil, Sarah  Pierce, Georgia, USA I10704
14 Crews, Micajah  22 Jun 1860Pierce, Georgia, USA I1789
15 Crews, Micajah  1864Pierce, Georgia, USA I1789
16 Crews, Micajah  26 Jul 1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I1789
17 Dowling, Agnes  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10618
18 Dowling, Amarintha "Emma"  Pierce, Georgia, USA I10614
19 Dowling, Darling S  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10608
20 Dowling, Darling Wesley  1860Pierce, Georgia, USA I10598
21 Dowling, Darling Wesley  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10598
22 Dowling, Mary Elizabeth  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10609
23 Dowling, Nancy  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10610
24 Harris, Mary Frances  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I10597
25 Kirkland, John  1963Pierce, Georgia, USA I32621
26 Milton, James Marion  1864Pierce, Georgia, USA I29715
27 Riggins, James T  1961Pierce, Georgia, USA I10682
28 Robinson, Catherine  1870Pierce, Georgia, USA I1778
29 Robinson, Joseph  1956Pierce, Georgia, USA I10705
30 Smith, Lillyer B  28 Aug 1921Pierce, Georgia, USA I7148
31 Strickland, Brett Carlton  1997Pierce, Georgia, USA I7240
32 Thrift, Carr William II  Pierce, Georgia, USA I10621
33 Thrift, Nathaniel  Pierce, Georgia, USA I10667
34 Waldron, Oliver Asbury  1860Pierce, Georgia, USA I5332
35 Wildes, Wilma Marquerette  1 Nov 1993Pierce, Georgia, USA I7265


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Altman / Dowling  8 Feb 1894Pierce, Georgia, USA F3893
2 Cason / Boyette  19 Jan 1929Pierce, Georgia, USA F10210
3 Cason / Clark  29 Mar 1908Pierce, Georgia, USA F10205
4 Cason / Harrison  28 May 1885Pierce, Georgia, USA F3468
5 Cason / Smith  2 May 1878Pierce, Georgia, USA F2731
6 Crews / Griffin  11 Oct 1875Pierce, Georgia, USA F2172
7 Dowling / Shuman  13 Dec 1883Pierce, Georgia, USA F3887
8 Dowling / Wildes  29 Jul 1934Pierce, Georgia, USA F2756
9 Gillis / Beverly  1940Pierce, Georgia, USA F2982
10 Griffin / Dowling  8 Jan 1890Pierce, Georgia, USA F3897
11 Thrift / Dowling  6 Jun 1885Pierce, Georgia, USA F3889
12 Wildes / Strickland  10 Aug 1929Pierce, Georgia, USA F1431