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Putnam, Florida, USA


Latitude: 29.6666700, Longitude: -81.7494400


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Glisson, William Riley  12 Jun 1916Putnam, Florida, USA I35740
2 Griffin, Adra V.  23 Nov 1951Putnam, Florida, USA I34276
3 Harvey, Nellie  Aug 1875Putnam, Florida, USA I31824
4 Holloway, David  15 Nov 1903Putnam, Florida, USA I45201
5 Melton, Benjamin Jr  1868Putnam, Florida, USA I31821
6 Melton, Greenberry  Abt 1879Putnam, Florida, USA I31827
7 Melton, Laysinkey  Abt 1873Putnam, Florida, USA I31823
8 Melton, Levin  Abt 1879Putnam, Florida, USA I31829
9 Melton, Malissa  Abt 1876Putnam, Florida, USA I31826
10 Melton, Riley William  Jan 1870Putnam, Florida, USA I31820
11 Melton, Robert  Abt 1870Putnam, Florida, USA I31822
12 Melton, Robert  Mar 1878Putnam, Florida, USA I31828
13 Sheppard, Tommy Lee  20 Jul 1953Putnam, Florida, USA I42670
14 Wilkinson, Clara Julia  1 May 1929Putnam, Florida, USA I42662
15 Wilkinson, Jesse Roma  8 Sep 1922Putnam, Florida, USA I35744
16 Wilkinson, Nettie E  14 Feb 1937Putnam, Florida, USA I35747
17 Wilkinson, Reece L  18 Sep 1934Putnam, Florida, USA I42667
18 Wilkinson, Ruby Ruth  11 Feb 1919Putnam, Florida, USA I35741


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Willoughby  1865Putnam, Florida, USA I12320
2 Criswell, Roy David  6 Mar 1966Putnam, Florida, USA I1978
3 Dixon, Annie Laurie  1 Jan 1968Putnam, Florida, USA I30550
4 Eldredge, Myrtle P  21 Jun 1989Putnam, Florida, USA I1946
5 Ellis, Mary Elizabeth  10 Jul 1942Putnam, Florida, USA I31926
6 Green, Lucius Marvin  15 Apr 1995Putnam, Florida, USA I34170
7 Griffin, Adra V.  2 Mar 2010Putnam, Florida, USA I34276
8 Hall, Lyman Jr  11 Oct 1938Putnam, Florida, USA I22344
9 Holloway, David  26 Feb 1983Putnam, Florida, USA I45201
10 King, Adam Allen  25 Jul 1906Putnam, Florida, USA I31925
11 Melton, John  8 Jun 1921Putnam, Florida, USA I1907
12 Milton, Benjamin  5 Sep 1897Putnam, Florida, USA I1897
13 Milton, Oregon Victoria  15 Jul 1951Putnam, Florida, USA I1535
14 Robinson, Mattie Rue  28 Dec 1993Putnam, Florida, USA I7425
15 Sheppard, Tommy Lee  3 Jun 1964Putnam, Florida, USA I42670
16 Sheppard, William Edward  3 Jan 2006Putnam, Florida, USA I42665
17 Stevens, John Milton  25 Mar 1991Putnam, Florida, USA I38983
18 Stewart, Onie  6 Mar 1966Putnam, Florida, USA I1930
19 Todd, George Potter  13 Sep 1991Putnam, Florida, USA I43411
20 Walker, Mary  1870Putnam, Florida, USA I12331
21 Wilkinson, Roma Henry  25 Mar 1959Putnam, Florida, USA I30555
22 Williams, Ernest Wesley  26 Apr 1996Putnam, Florida, USA I26296


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dixon, Ruth Mamie  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I38399
2 Dixon, Ruth Mamie  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I38399
3 Holland, Elizabeth H  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I40328
4 James, Claude Hardy  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I42701
5 James, Eloise  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I44637
6 Lnu, Alma Elizabeth  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I45199
7 Thomas, Ola Belle  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I42694
8 Ussery, Frances Marie  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I35746
9 Wilkinson, Clara Julia  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I42662
10 Wilkinson, Jesse Danny  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I40331
11 Wilkinson, Jesse Roma  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I35744
12 Wilkinson, Nettie E  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I35747
13 Wilkinson, Reece L  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I42667
14 Wilkinson, Reece L  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I42667
15 Wilkinson, Riley Henry  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I35745
16 Wilkinson, Riley Henry  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I35745
17 Wilkinson, Roma Henry  1935Putnam, Florida, USA I30555
18 Wilkinson, Roma Henry  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I30555
19 Wilkinson, Rosa Jane  1950Putnam, Florida, USA I42668


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beach / Ussery  8 Nov 1952Putnam, Florida, USA F17083
2 Freeman / Graham  4 Feb 1977Putnam, Florida, USA F16036
3 Sheppard / Wilkinson  18 Oct 1952Putnam, Florida, USA F15997
4 Wilkinson / Dixon  17 Feb 1918Putnam, Florida, USA F10543
5 Williams / Mikell  1941Putnam, Florida, USA F7173


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Beach / Ussery  2 Sep 1976Putnam, Florida, USA F17083
2 Bush / Cason  1954Putnam, Florida, USA F13595
3 Cowart / Tillman  Oct 1960Putnam, Florida, USA F12270
4 Sheppard / Wilkinson  23 Aug 1973Putnam, Florida, USA F15997
5 Wilkinson / Holland  Dec 1957Putnam, Florida, USA F15005