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Railroad Board (Issued Through)


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Richard Chester  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I30398
2 Caison, Alice Highsmith  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I8823
3 Caison, Howard Hammond  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I11569
4 Cason, Alvie B  Aft 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I9386
5 Cason, Henry Glenn  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I9136
6 Cason, Joseph Benjamin Sr  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I9071
7 Dicks, Spencer  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I1226
8 Greene, Bert Dennis  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I5003
9 Holland, Merrell Lee  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I20463
10 Johnson, Ben Scott  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I7948
11 Lindsey, Edgar Walden  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I18149
12 Martin, Roy Benjamin  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I7436
13 Marton, Julius Albert  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I5521
14 Moody, James Cecil  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I7402
15 Phillips, Elisha  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I23715
16 Raulerson, Johnnie George  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I5190
17 Reynolds, Wade Lankford  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I8085
18 Saturday, Thomas L  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I5632
19 Sloan, William McKay  Bef 1951Railroad Board (Issued Through) I2438
20 Sorensen, Asael Taylor  Railroad Board (Issued Through) I1141