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Ware, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 31.0833300, Longitude: -82.5000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Samuel Jackson  20 May 1889Ware, Georgia, USA I7398
2 Beasley, Jefferson Froy  1846Ware, Georgia, USA I22028
3 Blackburn, Daniel J  16 Aug 1851Ware, Georgia, USA I11110
4 Blackburn, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1849Ware, Georgia, USA I11109
5 Blackburn, Inez Florence  5 Jun 1888Ware, Georgia, USA I25631
6 Blackburn, Margaret Mae  31 Mar 1858Ware, Georgia, USA I11123
7 Blackburn, Martha L  1859Ware, Georgia, USA I11124
8 Blackburn, Mary Ann  1854Ware, Georgia, USA I11121
9 Callahan, Carl G  1913Ware, Georgia, USA I23935
10 Callahan, Edgar C  1915Ware, Georgia, USA I23936
11 Callahan, Odis C  1919Ware, Georgia, USA I23937
12 Callahan, Pearl Frances  7 Dec 1916Ware, Georgia, USA I2441
13 Cason, Agnes Julia  Mar 1879Ware, Georgia, USA I9117
14 Cason, Annie Belle  Jan 1877Ware, Georgia, USA I9121
15 Cason, Bertis Deems  15 Feb 1902Ware, Georgia, USA I3185
16 Cason, Calvin L  19 Aug 1849Ware, Georgia, USA I9133
17 Cason, Charles Ernest  29 Oct 1872Ware, Georgia, USA I9124
18 Cason, David  1820Ware, Georgia, USA I8504
19 Cason, David Jackson  2 Mar 1853Ware, Georgia, USA I9126
20 Cason, David S  Sep 1896Ware, Georgia, USA I9157
21 Cason, Donald James  4 Nov 1874Ware, Georgia, USA I9122
22 Cason, Elizabeth  1823Ware, Georgia, USA I3747
23 Cason, Eva Elise  4 Dec 1918Ware, Georgia, USA I9940
24 Cason, Frank Ashton  14 Jan 1889Ware, Georgia, USA I9120
25 Cason, Frederick T  15 Nov 1849Ware, Georgia, USA I9134
26 Cason, Henry  1822Ware, Georgia, USA I8506
27 Cason, Henry Glenn  20 Mar 1896Ware, Georgia, USA I9136
28 Cason, Henry Glenn  30 Mar 1896Ware, Georgia, USA I23790
29 Cason, Henry M  1856Ware, Georgia, USA I9128
30 Cason, Hillery Randall  Feb 1851Ware, Georgia, USA I9127
31 Cason, Hillery W  29 May 1823Ware, Georgia, USA I8503
32 Cason, Isaac Conner  1838Ware, Georgia, USA I3749
33 Cason, James A  1 Apr 1828Ware, Georgia, USA I1857
34 Cason, James Fred  27 Jul 1922Ware, Georgia, USA I9941
35 Cason, John C  3 Nov 1862Ware, Georgia, USA I9131
36 Cason, Joseph Benjamin Sr  22 Jun 1886Ware, Georgia, USA I9071
37 Cason, Martin Franklin  15 Jun 1858Ware, Georgia, USA I9129
38 Cason, Mary Ann  7 Aug 1826Ware, Georgia, USA I8507
39 Cason, Mary Ann  1834Ware, Georgia, USA I3748
40 Cason, Mary Frances  1918Ware, Georgia, USA I10305
41 Cason, Mary M  1866Ware, Georgia, USA I9132
42 Cason, Mary Serena  Jan 1877Ware, Georgia, USA I9158
43 Cason, McGinty  1816Ware, Georgia, USA I12014
44 Cason, Minnie Lee  11 Mar 1870Ware, Georgia, USA I9123
45 Cason, Nancy  22 Mar 1824Ware, Georgia, USA I3751
46 Cason, Nancy E  1819Ware, Georgia, USA I12011
47 Cason, Nettie F  Jan 1885Ware, Georgia, USA I9156
48 Cason, Nettie Mizell  29 Dec 1875Ware, Georgia, USA I23789
49 Cason, Oscar  May 1886Ware, Georgia, USA I10301
50 Cason, Owen John  5 Feb 1881Ware, Georgia, USA I9118

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Pearl Samantha  15 May 1961Ware, Georgia, USA I29631
2 Barber, Elizabeth  2 May 1942Ware, Georgia, USA I11111
3 Barber, James Israel  22 Oct 1926Ware, Georgia, USA I11122
4 Barber, Sarah Jane  17 May 1907Ware, Georgia, USA I8275
5 Bennett, Frances  4 Jul 1928Ware, Georgia, USA I9225
6 Beverly, Sarah Beatrice  18 Mar 2003Ware, Georgia, USA I2337
7 Blackburn, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1925Ware, Georgia, USA I11109
8 Blackburn, Frederick Jackson  20 Nov 1895Ware, Georgia, USA I11125
9 Blackburn, Inez Florence  14 Mar 1982Ware, Georgia, USA I25631
10 Blackburn, Margaret Mae  4 Feb 1929Ware, Georgia, USA I11123
11 Booth, Louella Jane  4 Jun 1947Ware, Georgia, USA I11429
12 Cason, Alfred Joel  27 Mar 1965Ware, Georgia, USA I11976
13 Cason, Allison  22 Feb 1851Ware, Georgia, USA I12018
14 Cason, Cecil David  6 Feb 1970Ware, Georgia, USA I23846
15 Cason, Charles E  22 Feb 1912Ware, Georgia, USA I9174
16 Cason, David Victor  24 Aug 1950Ware, Georgia, USA I9220
17 Cason, Delmas L  15 Oct 1984Ware, Georgia, USA I28277
18 Cason, Donald James  6 Mar 1961Ware, Georgia, USA I9122
19 Cason, Edward M  27 Dec 1943Ware, Georgia, USA I9147
20 Cason, James  1857Ware, Georgia, USA I12010
21 Cason, Joseph Benjamin Jr  3 Jun 1977Ware, Georgia, USA I9077
22 Cason, Mary Ann  9 Feb 1900Ware, Georgia, USA I8507
23 Cason, Myrtice  9 Feb 1979Ware, Georgia, USA I4736
24 Cason, Owen John  30 Aug 1943Ware, Georgia, USA I9118
25 Cason, Quitman Lemuel  31 Mar 1957Ware, Georgia, USA I9217
26 Cason, Ruthie Irene  7 Mar 1983Ware, Georgia, USA I3021
27 Cason, Sarah Bell  21 Dec 2005Ware, Georgia, USA I29796
28 Cason, Susan M  23 Sep 1879Ware, Georgia, USA I9141
29 Cason, Warren Estes  6 Mar 1967Ware, Georgia, USA I23841
30 Cason, William Alfred  9 Jan 1952Ware, Georgia, USA I9115
31 Cason, William Angus  12 Jun 1928Ware, Georgia, USA I9151
32 Cobb, Sarah B  25 May 1954Ware, Georgia, USA I3186
33 Crews, Lawton  8 Mar 1956Ware, Georgia, USA I5478
34 Crews, Stephen  23 Dec 1846Ware, Georgia, USA I35832
35 Dowling, Nicey  22 Sep 1943Ware, Georgia, USA I10645
36 Dubignon, Gertrude  24 Jul 1943Ware, Georgia, USA I9168
37 Duckworth, Maxine  10 Jul 1963Ware, Georgia, USA I10513
38 Futch, Amanda L  7 May 1963Ware, Georgia, USA I28492
39 Gibbs, Elton Conger  31 Aug 1996Ware, Georgia, USA I7789
40 Gillis, Norman Lafayette  2 Sep 1968Ware, Georgia, USA I7830
41 Griffin, Roy Lee  16 Feb 1969Ware, Georgia, USA I29197
42 Griffis, Samuel Jr  27 Apr 1884Ware, Georgia, USA I32599
43 Harbin, Leonard Fredda  22 Nov 1983Ware, Georgia, USA I9075
44 Harris, Ira Conrade  18 Nov 1975Ware, Georgia, USA I10259
45 Harris, Minnie Mae  26 Dec 1964Ware, Georgia, USA I10247
46 Harris, Solena Marion  10 Sep 1998Ware, Georgia, USA I10262
47 Harris, Verdonia "Verdie"  28 Oct 1983Ware, Georgia, USA I10246
48 Hart, Nancy Elizabeth  26 Nov 1936Ware, Georgia, USA I24403
49 Hill, Jesse Hardy  17 Nov 1945Ware, Georgia, USA I2985
50 Hilliard, Thomas Gordon  24 Feb 1956Ware, Georgia, USA I28268

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cason, Hillery Randall  1851Ware, Georgia, USA I9127
2 Williams, Elizabeth  1779Ware, Georgia, USA I12008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Crews, Banner  1936Ware, Georgia, USA I5468
2 Smith, Annie  24 Aug 1994Ware, Georgia, USA I28499
3 Williams, Elizabeth  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I12008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Cason, Lester Livingston  Ware, Georgia, USA I9387
2 Cason, William Alfred  Ware, Georgia, USA I9115
3 Vaughn, Jesse P  Ware, Georgia, USA I2576
4 Waldron, Bryan Jennings  Ware, Georgia, USA I28255
5 Waldron, David Hill  Ware, Georgia, USA I28254
6 Waldron, Elias Dewey  Ware, Georgia, USA I28258


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Wilbur  Ware, Georgia, USA I10685
2 Beverly, Forest Jasper Jr  1930Ware, Georgia, USA I2339
3 Beverly, Forest Jasper  1930Ware, Georgia, USA I1851
4 Beverly, Forest Jasper Jr  1935Ware, Georgia, USA I2339
5 Beverly, Forest Jasper  1935Ware, Georgia, USA I1851
6 Beverly, Forest Jasper Jr  1940Ware, Georgia, USA I2339
7 Beverly, Forest Jasper  1940Ware, Georgia, USA I1851
8 Beverly, Forest Jasper  1981Ware, Georgia, USA I1851
9 Beverly, James Thomas  Ware, Georgia, USA I2336
10 Beverly, James Thomas  1930Ware, Georgia, USA I2336
11 Beverly, Mary Aline  Ware, Georgia, USA I7740
12 Beverly, Mary Aline  1930Ware, Georgia, USA I7740
13 Beverly, Sarah Beatrice  1930Ware, Georgia, USA I2337
14 Bevill, Rosa  1910Ware, Georgia, USA I7353
15 Blackburn, Inez Florence  Ware, Georgia, USA I25631
16 Booth, Louella Jane  1947Ware, Georgia, USA I11429
17 Bryson, Paul  Ware, Georgia, USA I3018
18 Cason, Alfred Joel  Ware, Georgia, USA I11976
19 Cason, Bartholomew  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I9482
20 Cason, Caroline "Carrie"  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I8381
21 Cason, Caroline "Carrie"  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I8381
22 Cason, Catherine S  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I9142
23 Cason, Catherine S  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I9142
24 Cason, Cecil David  Ware, Georgia, USA I23846
25 Cason, Donald James  1961Ware, Georgia, USA I9122
26 Cason, Earlish Ward  Ware, Georgia, USA I23839
27 Cason, Elijah Lewis  1935Ware, Georgia, USA I11979
28 Cason, Elijah Lewis  1 Apr 1940Ware, Georgia, USA I11979
29 Cason, Esther  1 Apr 1940Ware, Georgia, USA I28494
30 Cason, Henry M  Ware, Georgia, USA I9164
31 Cason, Hillery Houston  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I3744
32 Cason, Hillery W  Ware, Georgia, USA I8503
33 Cason, Hillery W  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I8503
34 Cason, Isaac Conner  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I3749
35 Cason, James Alfred  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I9113
36 Cason, James Alfred  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I9113
37 Cason, Jewel T  Ware, Georgia, USA I9169
38 Cason, John B  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I3745
39 Cason, John B  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I3745
40 Cason, John Ward  Ware, Georgia, USA I9389
41 Cason, Joseph Benjamin Jr  Ware, Georgia, USA I9077
42 Cason, Joseph Benjamin Sr  1974Ware, Georgia, USA I9071
43 Cason, Lee Roy Sr  Ware, Georgia, USA I1560
44 Cason, Martha  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I9144
45 Cason, Mary Adeline  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I9145
46 Cason, Mary Adeline  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I9145
47 Cason, Mary Ann  1850Ware, Georgia, USA I3748
48 Cason, Mildred  1 Apr 1940Ware, Georgia, USA I28493
49 Cason, Randall D  1860Ware, Georgia, USA I9139
50 Cason, Richard Keith  1943Ware, Georgia, USA I9078

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackburn / Cason  1848Ware, Georgia, USA F3240
2 Cason / Bennett  10 Jun 1907Ware, Georgia, USA F3501
3 Cason / Bennett  19 Dec 1909Ware, Georgia, USA F3500
4 Cason / Bennett  25 Dec 1919Ware, Georgia, USA F3497
5 Cason / Carter  4 Jul 1901Ware, Georgia, USA F3464
6 Cason / Cobb  15 May 1920Ware, Georgia, USA F1386
7 Cason / Green  24 Nov 1912Ware, Georgia, USA F3462
8 Cason / Knight  22 Nov 1903Ware, Georgia, USA F3465
9 Cason / Mizell  1869Ware, Georgia, USA F3454
10 Cason / Morrison  1895Ware, Georgia, USA F3455
11 Cason / Smith  28 Mar 1907Ware, Georgia, USA F3483
12 Cason / Sweat  23 Oct 1874Ware, Georgia, USA F3467
13 Cason / Taylor  7 Jun 1890Ware, Georgia, USA F1577
14 Cason / Taylor  1894Ware, Georgia, USA F9585
15 Cason / Walker  1846Ware, Georgia, USA F3239
16 Griffin / Lane  17 Aug 1882Ware, Georgia, USA F10654
17 Harris / Wainwright  Oct 1934Ware, Georgia, USA F3779
18 Lane / Walker  25 Aug 1881Ware, Georgia, USA F10661
19 Proctor / Sweat  21 Sep 1919Ware, Georgia, USA F3012
20 Robinson / Bevill  2 Apr 1903Ware, Georgia, USA F866
21 Robinson / Wildes  15 Aug 1878Ware, Georgia, USA F864
22 Rowland / Knight  4 Apr 1919Ware, Georgia, USA F4230
23 Strickland / Wildes  28 May 1911Ware, Georgia, USA F3696
24 Sweat / Robinson  23 Dec 1897Ware, Georgia, USA F2800
25 Thompson / Lynn  4 Aug 1919Ware, Georgia, USA F8189
26 Thrift / Dowling  18 Dec 1910Ware, Georgia, USA F3901
27 Waldron / Minchew  11 Dec 1856Ware, Georgia, USA F9199
28 Waldron / Register  1877Ware, Georgia, USA F2063


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Morrison  1870Ware, Georgia, USA F3455