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Wayne, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 31.5666700, Longitude: -81.9000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altman, Mary  1822Wayne, Georgia, USA I1787
2 Altman, Thomas James  1786Wayne, Georgia, USA I1788
3 Arnett, Frances Eula  23 Aug 1871Wayne, Georgia, USA I31814
4 Boyette, Nell Jean  5 May 1934Wayne, Georgia, USA I33822
5 Cason, Clifford Montgomery  25 Mar 1898Wayne, Georgia, USA I35668
6 Cason, John Manuel  22 Feb 1883Wayne, Georgia, USA I12058
7 Cason, Wherry Washington  May 1867Wayne, Georgia, USA I9178
8 Cooper, Lydia  6 Dec 1817Wayne, Georgia, USA I12318
9 Cowart, Kenneth David  29 Jan 1944Wayne, Georgia, USA I35319
10 Crews, Mary  1839Wayne, Georgia, USA I30850
11 Dyess, Margaret Samantha  22 Feb 1841Wayne, Georgia, USA I57
12 Gibbs, Charles Rodney  20 Dec 1946Wayne, Georgia, USA I27250
13 Hack, Anna  20 Sep 1892Wayne, Georgia, USA I33883
14 Harrington, Henry Monroe  2 Jun 1819Wayne, Georgia, USA I3896
15 Harris, Cannie Fondonia  3 May 1896Wayne, Georgia, USA I10248
16 Harris, Elizabeth  1847Wayne, Georgia, USA I5456
17 Harris, Ira Conrade  21 Aug 1906Wayne, Georgia, USA I10259
18 Harris, Joseph Ebenezer  15 Jan 1853Wayne, Georgia, USA I5459
19 Harris, Leonard  1848Wayne, Georgia, USA I5457
20 Harris, Maude Alma  17 Aug 1910Wayne, Georgia, USA I10260
21 Harris, Owen  Sep 1849Wayne, Georgia, USA I5458
22 Harris, Sidney  1844Wayne, Georgia, USA I5455
23 Harris, Wiley  1841Wayne, Georgia, USA I5464
24 Knox, Easter  1 Oct 1845Wayne, Georgia, USA I9736
25 Morris, Janice Jeanette  4 Jan 1930Wayne, Georgia, USA I28012
26 Phillips, Fannie Louise  9 Jul 1863Wayne, Georgia, USA I10790
27 Raulerson, Polester P  2 Sep 1818Wayne, Georgia, USA I3895
28 Roberts, Bryant John  4 Jun 1809Wayne, Georgia, USA I17938
29 Roberts, Elizabeth Ann  20 Dec 1828Wayne, Georgia, USA I9331
30 Roberts, Nathan  1811Wayne, Georgia, USA I2406
31 Robinson, Anne  1819Wayne, Georgia, USA I10538
32 Robinson, Ansel  1832Wayne, Georgia, USA I1781
33 Robinson, Bryant  1846Wayne, Georgia, USA I2238
34 Robinson, Cassie  1828Wayne, Georgia, USA I1777
35 Robinson, Catherine  1829Wayne, Georgia, USA I1778
36 Robinson, Civility  14 Jan 1821Wayne, Georgia, USA I1776
37 Robinson, Elizabeth  1824Wayne, Georgia, USA I1775
38 Robinson, Esther  1853Wayne, Georgia, USA I3085
39 Robinson, Hansford  1808Wayne, Georgia, USA I10535
40 Robinson, Jacob  1848Wayne, Georgia, USA I2239
41 Robinson, James K Polk  1 Jan 1846Wayne, Georgia, USA I10549
42 Robinson, James Thomas  1841Wayne, Georgia, USA I2234
43 Robinson, John  1811Wayne, Georgia, USA I10536
44 Robinson, John A  1830Wayne, Georgia, USA I1779
45 Robinson, John Grover  3 Aug 1850Wayne, Georgia, USA I10550
46 Robinson, Leonora  1 Jan 1846Wayne, Georgia, USA I10548
47 Robinson, Margaret  1845Wayne, Georgia, USA I2237
48 Robinson, Mark  17 Jun 1835Wayne, Georgia, USA I7348
49 Robinson, Martha  10 Apr 1843Wayne, Georgia, USA I10547
50 Robinson, Mary  1857Wayne, Georgia, USA I3087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altman, Thomas James  1838Wayne, Georgia, USA I1788
2 Baggs, Nancy  7 Jun 1828Wayne, Georgia, USA I5037
3 Batten, Ruby Lee  4 Feb 1955Wayne, Georgia, USA I30247
4 Caison, Annette  20 Jun 1958Wayne, Georgia, USA I11181
5 Caison, Valreece  3 Jul 1988Wayne, Georgia, USA I23576
6 Caison, William Alexander  20 Oct 1922Wayne, Georgia, USA I10473
7 Cason, William  Abt 1819Wayne, Georgia, USA I9262
8 Conner, Martin Bryant  7 Nov 1944Wayne, Georgia, USA I15006
9 Cooper, George  1819Wayne, Georgia, USA I12395
10 E, Mary  Oct 1834Wayne, Georgia, USA I1753
11 Griffin, Elbert Erlich  3 Mar 1964Wayne, Georgia, USA I11398
12 Jones, Wilburn D  1 Dec 1966Wayne, Georgia, USA I8022
13 Lnu, Alice  1842Wayne, Georgia, USA I12396
14 Morris, Gertrude Alva  20 Sep 1946Wayne, Georgia, USA I28010
15 Morris, Janice Jeanette  14 Dec 1931Wayne, Georgia, USA I28012
16 Morris, Leon Worley  19 Dec 1998Wayne, Georgia, USA I28008
17 Morris, Raymond Ewell  4 Jul 1991Wayne, Georgia, USA I28009
18 Raulerson, Henrietta  1838Wayne, Georgia, USA I5326
19 Robinson, Catherine  7 Apr 1876Wayne, Georgia, USA I1778
20 Robinson, James Sr.  15 Jun 1832Wayne, Georgia, USA I1752
21 Robinson, Martha  Feb 1844Wayne, Georgia, USA I10547
22 Thrift, Gertrude Ellender  6 Oct 1966Wayne, Georgia, USA I10662
23 Thrift, Lanie Ann  4 Sep 1991Wayne, Georgia, USA I10654
24 Westberry, John Josiah  30 Jun 1932Wayne, Georgia, USA I15894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Harris, Seaborn Brantley  Wayne, Georgia, USA I10244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Mary  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I1787
2 Caison, Annette  Wayne, Georgia, USA I11181
3 Harris, Seaborn Brantley  Wayne, Georgia, USA I10244
4 Jones, Wilburn D  1966Wayne, Georgia, USA I8022
5 Morris, Carl Lloyd  1989Wayne, Georgia, USA I28011
6 Morris, Rowan Worley  1961Wayne, Georgia, USA I28006
7 Powell, Lizan  1956Wayne, Georgia, USA I34098
8 Robinson, Bryant  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2238
9 Robinson, Clinton Alexander "Clint"  1 Jul 1942Wayne, Georgia, USA I7407
10 Robinson, Esther  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3085
11 Robinson, Jacob  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2239
12 Robinson, James Thomas  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2234
13 Robinson, Margaret  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2237
14 Robinson, Mary  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3087
15 Robinson, Nancy  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3086
16 Robinson, Ranson  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3089
17 Robinson, Sarah Jane  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3088
18 Robinson, Vicy  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2235
19 Robinson, Wiley  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I3084
20 Robinson, Wiley  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I1773
21 Robinson, William  16 Jul 1860Wayne, Georgia, USA I2236
22 Thrift, Gertrude Ellender  1966Wayne, Georgia, USA I10662
23 Westberry, Ollie Otis  Wayne, Georgia, USA I15891
24 Wildes, Kathleen Idell  Wayne, Georgia, USA I8011


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Raulerson  29 Nov 1851Wayne, Georgia, USA F1576
2 Cooper / Walker  20 Jan 1817Wayne, Georgia, USA F4318
3 Dyess / Cooper  1839Wayne, Georgia, USA F4316
4 Robinson / Altman  1839Wayne, Georgia, USA F823
5 Robinson / Barber  30 Nov 1854Wayne, Georgia, USA F2797
6 Robinson / Johns  18 Oct 1891Wayne, Georgia, USA F10787
7 Surrency / Rumph  17 May 1876Wayne, Georgia, USA F3939
8 Wainwright / Knox  21 Dec 1865Wayne, Georgia, USA F3629
9 Waldron / Raulerson  5 Sep 1833Wayne, Georgia, USA F2118